So first of all hello and welcome to GPlinks today in this short article we gonna give you a brief information about some Payment methods which is supported by GPlinks,

Paytm - Paytm is one of the most popular payment method in India 82% of Payments from GPlinks transfers through Paytn, Because now a days everyone user uses Paytm and itsi easy to use Paytm makes great user experience that's the reason Paytm is popular in India,  and also as GPlinks Payment Transfer Speed for Paytm that is 5-10 minutes after the Withdrawal request,

UPI - Unified Payment interface UPI is newly launched Payment Method in India by (Prime minister Narendra Modi,) UPI provides a unique digital address for money Transfers which is directly connected to ther users Bank account so that whenever a Transfer has been made for the unique UPI Address this The initiated money transfer will get credited directly to the bank account linked with that UPI Address and this process works within fraction of Second's which is really great, 15% of Payments transfers through UPI from GPlinks.

Bank Transfer - Bank Transfer is very common Payment Method where users can have their savings or current account but now a days banking experience is also looking great, for bank Transfer user needs to share a lot of information such as Account number, IFSC, Account holder, etc but after the UPI user only needs to share their unique UPI Address so that the mean will directly get into their bank account without any hesitation of wrong information and UPI address is very easy to remember, But some people's use Bank Transfer also and this is not bad 2% of Payments from GPlinks transfers through Bank transfer,

PayPal PayPal is such type of Digital wallet where you can store foreign currencies like $ and best part of PayPal is PayPal is the most Popular for Secure Payments Paypal very easy to use and it gives really awesome user experience to user's, Most of the people's outside India uses PayPal because they like it but however in India PayPal is not that much Popular compared to Paytm but still there's lot of PayPal user's in India, 1% of Payments from GPlinks transfers through PayPal, this is little bit low compared to above 2 methods but it's Okay..

There are some extra Payment Methods available which you need to know and that is Payoneer, Bitcoin, Skrill, Perfect Money, etc 

So that's it, for now, I hope you enjoyed thank you so much for reading this article...

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